When was the last time your brand got a refresh? With a new year comes new resolutions, and maybe even a brand new image for your business. Your brand encompasses what your company stands for and what it promises your customers. A company’s brand is the first element that influences how customers perceive it. Your brand holds equity and it’s how you’re identified, so you better have a solid reason for making the change. As you set goals to bring your brand to the next level in 2022, is it time to consider rebranding?

1. Your Company has Evolved

If your company has added new services or changed its mission, rebranding may be necessary to ensure your brand accurately reflects your updated model and values. For example, in 2020 Petco Animal Supplies Inc. rebranded itself as Petco, The Health + Wellness Co. The long-time established retail chain made this decision in response to the massive growth of the online retail market. As part of the rebrand, Petco increased its number of in-store veterinarian clinics, launched a vet service membership program and started offering healthier pet products.

2. Your Current Brand is Outdated

Consider this more as a brand refresh or facelift. Big brands like Walmart, Microsoft and Coca-Cola have modernized their brands without diminishing their equity. If you are unsure whether or not your brand is outdated, ask yourself, is the visual identity of your brand modern or fresh? When did your brand originate? Is your brand yielding the right results? Depending on the answers, it may be time to modernize and energize your brand.

3. You Want Your Brand to Exude a Different Feeling

This applies to companies that want to change their overall look, not because their current look is necessarily outdated, but because it no longer aligns with the style of the company. This type of rebrand could be spurred by a change within the company such as an expansion or a move to a new location. It can also signal a company’s desire to reach a new or different target audience. For example, in 2020 Rolls Royce, a brand built on elegance and luxury, rebranded itself with a trendy, more modern look in hopes of appealing to a younger audience.

The JCW Rebrand

At JCW Creative, we are undergoing a rebrand ourselves. This decision was driven by our move to a new location, our name change and company growth. We needed to modernize our brand to reflect this progress. With our rebrand, we are emphasizing our creative abilities and our expanding skill sets. By rebranding ourselves with a purpose, this transition ensures our brand accurately reflects who we are as an agency, taking into account the growth and successes we have achieved.

When properly managed, rebranding is an effective strategy for re-engaging and expanding audiences. When you consider all of the elements involved in your branding such as your logo, website, tagline, colors, font, mission statement, and more, the prospect of changing them can be incredibly overwhelming. That’s where we come in. At JCW Creative, we partner with companies, working with them to establish creative visions and strategic goals that move their brands forward. Rebrand with a purpose with JCW Creative – we did.
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