People are consuming content now more than ever. Content is all around us- entertaining YouTube videos, informative blogs, and eye-catching Instagram posts. You scroll and scroll. So, how do you get your content to stand out and serve your brand? Consistency.
Consistent content is engaging, qualitative content that is posted frequently and on a range of different platforms. Check out how this simple strategy delivers superior outcomes.

It Helps Drive Lead Growth

The more positive experiences your audience has with your content, the more likely they will purchase from you in the future. This consistency is the science behind a marketing term we call “consumer touchpoints.” These moments include any time a consumer interacts with a brand during the consumer journey. Consistent touchpoints help brands break through the noise and significantly influence consumer experience and brand perception. Though every prospect is different and there is no universal magic number, it typically takes approximately seven to 13 touchpoints to convert a potential consumer.

It Reinforces Brand Recognition

Consistent content uniquely builds brand awareness. Presenting your audience with engaging, quality content allows your brand to stand out and be more impactful. Overall, this makes your brand more memorable and popular among consumers. When posting similar content across multiple platforms, also known as cross-posting, ensuring each piece of content matches that platform is essential. For instance, since each social media platform is different and has a unique set of parameters and features, not every post will work on every social media platform.

It Boosts Brand Search Results

“Google it.” We’ve all said it and heard it. Search engine optimization (SEO) is essential in successful marketing and relies on consistent content. Though SEO rules are constantly changing, Google has long favored consistent content. Regarding keywords and search terms, the quality and consistency of your content inform Google about the relevance of your website. The more relevant your website is, the higher Google ranks it.

It Creates Authority and Authenticity

As most business professionals know, building trust with your consumers is essential. Consistent content helps establish credibility, authority and relationships with audiences. This strategy also creates more opportunities for consumers to communicate with you to learn about your brand and other consumers’ experiences with it.

It Expands Brand Reach

From social media to emails and blog posts, consistent content marketing covers all of your bases, optimizing your brand’s reach. Utilizing different platforms allows for your content to reach different audiences. You can’t assume that the consumers who received your email are the same consumers who saw your Facebook post. While you must tailor content to each platform, you must maintain a consistent voice, tone and style. This consistency will increase views and strengthen your brand’s reputation and consumers’ perception of your brand.
Consistent content is king, especially in creating authenticity, strengthening SEO efforts, lead generation, brand recognition and reach—all significant factors in today’s digital marketing world. At JCW Creative, we specialize in creating marketing experiences that connect companies with their consumers through consistent content. We utilize strategic platforms to boost brand reach to targeted audiences by crafting content from blogs and social media ads to hype videos and compelling testimonials. Start turning views into leads with a consistent content strategy today!