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Catch consumers’ attention and interrupt their scrolling routine with powerful videos that keep them wanting to learn more. At JCW Creative, our award-winning video production services capture our clients’ unique stories, services and more.

From drone-captured and animated videos to customer testimonials and company culture features, we specialize in various video production services, all crafted to deliver impactful marketing solutions. Explore our diverse video production styles and discover how they can elevate your brand’s narrative like never before.

Drone Videography

From dramatic aerial views to immersive flythroughs, we use our drone capabilities to capture compelling footage that hooks viewers in and keeps them entertained throughout the entire video.

Immersive Flythrough

See how we’ve used drone-captured footage for our own marketing, giving viewers a unique insight into the daily operations of our office.

Dramatic Aerial Footage

Check out how we used drones to capture APTIM’s story and its role in helping South Florida recover from Hurricane Ian.

Animation Videos

Entertaining and easy to follow, animation videos add another level of creativity that helps businesses easily engage with their audiences. These videos make it easy to break down complicated topics into simple concepts, making them perfect for product or service demonstrations.

Fully-Animated Video

Check out this fully animated video we created to showcase the power of DiamondLinks Online Reputation Management services.

Video with Animated Elements

By incorporating animated elements throughout this video that we produced to highlight BMI Mechanical, engaging graphics draw in viewers and the easy-to-follow format holds their attention throughout the entire video.

Client Testimonials

These video marketing assets prominently highlight real customers who share their firsthand experiences with a business's products or services. When expertly crafted and executed, customer testimonials offer viewers genuine, unfiltered perspectives that vividly illustrate the value delivered by a business.

Interview-Based Team Member Testimonial

Using an interview-based format, we created a team member testimonial that authentically told viewers about the benefits of working at Rubicon. Through this form of storytelling, viewers not only receive the message presented but also build a connection with the business.

Combined Testimonials

See how we’ve used client testimonials in our own marketing! By using several testimonials in one video, we were able to provide viewers with a more complete picture of the services we provide as well as the different industries we work with.

Company Culture Videos

Whether you aim to gain and maintain loyal customers or attract high-quality potential hires, you must first connect with them. The best way to do this is by sharing your company’s story, mission and values through engaging company culture videos. These videos visually represent a business’s personality, making it easier for audiences to connect with them and increase brand awareness.

Recruitment Video

Check out this award-winning recruitment video our team produced for Loadstar, a premier product handling and site logistics company. By successfully showcasing Loadstar’s company culture, we gave viewers an immersive look into its workforce while garnering over 15,236 impressions and 73 applications.

Product/ Service Features

Through these short-form videos, we create upbeat content that captures viewers’ attention and efficiently highlights a business’s products or services. Produced to spark interest, these videos are great tools for generating brand awareness and value touch points with potential customers.

Service Feature

Check out this service feature we created to highlight Mechanical Systems Company’s sheet metal services! Quick and to the point, this video provides viewers with engaging, bite-sized content perfect for social media platforms.

Voice Overs

By combining smooth-sounding narration with captivating shots, voice-over videos effectively communicate a business’s message while making it feel more human and authentic. These qualities make voice-over videos more memorable as they can enhance the emotional value and personality of the content.

Long-Form Voice Overs

Check out this award-winning voice-over video our team collaborated on to craft a compelling script with matching visuals for BREC.

Explainer / Demo Videos

Explainer and demo videos serve as powerful marketing tools for showcasing the value of a product, service or project in an engaging way. Along with educating audiences, we produce these videos strategically crafted to ignite excitement and pique curiosity, prompting viewers to further explore the business’s website and social media channels.

Project Explainer Video

See how we used an explainer video to inform audiences about The Nature Conservancy of Louisiana’s bird radar project through engaging visuals and interviews.

Demo Video

When it comes to advancements as significant as LA Wallet’s digital driver’s license, easily-to-follow demo videos are perfect for showing viewers how to use innovative services, products, platforms, etc. In this video, we not only provide users with a helpful tutorial but also highlight the benefits of downloading LA Wallet.

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